Walter Panton(1889-1917)

Dulce et Decorun Est Pro Patria Mori by Wilfred Owen Source:Thomas Trevilla I think this is one of the most powerful works about war ever written. Wilfred Owen’s poem had a huge personal impact on me. Suddenly war was very real, not just something I had viewed on the television. I was reminded of this […]

Reggie Brown

Trying to locate the newspaper articles about John Panton today, I came across the following  essay from a boy called Reggie Brown. He was born in 1910.  I think it illustrates my point about including those who are not directly related in your family story. The teacher to whom I do happen to be related, […]

Lives of World War One

One hundred years ago we were in the middle of WW1. My grandparents generation spoke of WW1 almost as if it were in the present. This is no longer recent history and nobody is left alive to recount the horrors from personal experience. The last surviving veteran of WW1 is believed to have been Florence […]