The A380

On one of my flights home, I had the privilege of travelling on the A380. It was an amazing experience. I had imagined at the time that this was a glimpse into the future of passenger aircrafts. Everything about the flight had been perfect, even the landing. Sad to see that Airbus is now stopping […]

Grass Roots – Where Change (and Travel Adventures) Actually Happen

Every time we reach out from our blogging platform, we are changing the world. People from overseas are no longer numbers to we bloggers. We recognise their humanity, as we talk to each other daily. Thank you all so much for sharing a little of your lives. Two major events which helped shape Australia were […]

Countries My Blog Has Reached

There are 195 sovereign states according to the UN. I realise this number can vary as explained in the following article: One of my aims is to get at least one view from every single one of these countries. I will keep you updated on how I am doing. So far my blog has […]