Changi- Singapore May 5th 1992

Today was earmarked for our to Changi – the infamous WW2 prison. We had a free shuttle bus from The Meridian Hotel. The latter was fully air-conditioned and very comfortable. We first visited the display of photographs, painstakingly snapped and developed by George Aspinall, during his “stay” at Changi. The prisoners had been forced to […]

Singapore 1992 – The Weighing Machine

The weighing machine in Chinatown was rather exciting. It had not only told me my weight, (which was pleasantly low at the time, as I had been recovering from the illness, I had contracted in Bali) but it had doled out little cards, with comments on our character. I had stuck mine in my travel […]

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

May 1992 I noted that Singapore train station was not particularly busy. Eventually having gone through the necessary customs and immigration, we were able to board the train. We had six long hours on the train. The air-conditioning was very effective. I was amused to read that Lonely Planet considered Malaysian air conditioning to have […]