A.I. and God

“A year spent in artificial intelligence, is enough to make one believe in God.” Alan Perlis

Making Mistakes and not Always Learning from Them.

My youngsters were incredulous yesterday about the Facebook robots which were shut down. as they were talking to each other in a language, which only they understood. When you are the mother of teenagers you learn rapidly that you know nothing. I held back the urge to say,”I told you so.”- but only just. Facebook […]

Cleverbot Talks Genealogy

  In the interests of the future of genealogy, I have been conducting an interview with Cleverbot (first introduced to me by my children under interesting circumstances.)  Cleverbot I initially asked its opinion of genealogy which it didn’t seem to understand so I then asked whether it liked history. Cleverbot got enthusiastic and told me it  was”one […]