Reading 2

In the video below a sixty five year old man, Gregory Hill who has been learning to read at Los Angeles Public library, explains how this is changing his life. Gregory, Adult Literacy Student Source:Los Angeles Public Library Advertisements



I am trying to make sure you can read my posts, even if you have difficulty reading. I am in the process of adding buttons, so that anybody can listen to my posts. There are many reasons why people cannot read. You do not need to be ashamed. If you click the link below, you […]

Why I Still Love Dolly Parton

Dolly I love you.The Story of Dolly Parton I have no way of checking the accuracy of this. It does include countless clips and seems to agree with other things I have heard about Dolly. Source:The Talko The Dolly Parton Imagination Library Dolly is starting a new initiative: Goodnight With Dolly Worth checking out, […]