“Let Them See What They Have Done”

Emmett Till’s mother and Jackie Kennedy had some ideas in common. She had stated simply, “Let them see what they have done.” Jackie Kennedy was famously pictured at the inauguration of Lyndon Johnson, wearing a suit covered with the blood of her assassinated husband. Less than a decade previously Emmett Till’s mother had uttered similar […]

The Dangerous Spread of Misinformation and Racism

  “Every group feels strong, once it has found a scapegoat.”Mignon Mclaughlin The only thing which has seemed to spread as rapidly as coronavirus, is racism and it is potentially even more lethal. This post was originally written way before coronavirus had taken hold around the world’ (Ok yes I am angry about the attack […]

Please Look Out For Our Overseas Students

Australia let’s look out for out international students. They are young people away from home. Australia’s universities are wonderful which is why people travel here from overseas. It might be interesting to contemplate, how many of the fantastic doctors putting their lives on the line for us at the moment, started out first as overseas […]

Saying Hi To Our Chinese Students, Who Cannot Get Back Right Now.

Upon first hearing about the coronavirus, the first thing I said to my daughter was, “Great.” Just what the world needs – another excuse for racism.” Education is my passion. I have devoted my life to it. I consider there are few, if any, problems in this world, upon which a good education system, does […]