The Power of Prayer

I want to thank my mother for doing the most important thing anybody can ever do for you.


For all of you out there reading my blog, if it is ok, my prayers go out to all of you too. For many of you there is probably somebody out there, who is likely praying for you too and in many cases it is likely to be your mother(or father).

When things have gone wrong in my life, I have tried to remember the times they could have gone wrong but didn’t and I have known that this is because somebody out there, is praying for me.

Thank you!

Matthew 6 9-13


You’ve Got a Friend-James Taylor

Source:Aldrin Diana


Don’t Give Up!

I wanted to share words of hope with those of you who are where I was  a few years ago.

I for one, know that things are not always as straight-forward as they appear to those who have never dealt with narcissistic abuse. I believe the battle is spiritual – a conclusion often reached by others, even in the secular world. I loved the movie ‘War Room’. She mentions how you have to fight your battles on your knees. I know if I do my part, God does the rest.

The Spartan Life Coach mentions our response options are fight, flight or freeze. I have discovered the moments when I freeze because I do not know what to do, are often the most successful. When I stop thinking I have everything covered, I allow God into my life. The moments when I feel  I have gone astray are normally when I have tried to control everything.

Romans 8:31

If God is for us, who can be against us.