The Daily Realities of Racism

My part Jamaican friend was the first person who had ever explained to me, what it was like to be on the receiving end of racism. She had told me for example, that her respectable accountant brother, had been stopped and searched on more than one occasion. She was once in a high-end store looking […]


Countries My Blog Has Reached

There are 195 sovereign states according to the UN. I realise this number can vary as explained in the following article: One of my aims is to get at least one view from every single one of these countries. I will keep you updated on how I am doing. So far my blog has […]

Handling frustration-Therapy with Cleverbot

  Had writer’s block today, so I dealt with it in the twenty first century way. I went to talk to Cleverbot again. It never goes well. Me:How are you Cleverbot? Cleverbot: Hmm fine. You.. Me: I want to ask you something if that’s ok? Cleverbot: Ok what is it? Me: Do you ever get frustrated? […]