Mum Silently Asks for Help During Quarantine

Let’s just say, I am sending her my love and support. Mum Silently Asks for Help During Quarantine Source: TheEllenShow

Getting Real About Passive -Aggressive Behaviour

Why passive-aggressive behaviour is For The Birds Why do I like Germaine Greer, even if I do not always agree with her? Personally I think she should be considered a national treasure. Nobody can accuse Germaine of being passive-aggressive. She gives it to you straight. In recent weeks God has shown me that if pushed […]

Drop Bears-A PERSONAL ENCOUNTER with this species of this little-known and “deadly” Australian Wildlife

I thought we all needed a laugh Australians love their drop bears. My family were camping in the backyard. They were warned to be aware of the possibility of “drop bears” falling from the sky. Sure enough, as they snuggled in their tent, cuddly bears had begun to rain down mysteriously, from over the fence. […]

Life is a Journey, not a Destination.(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Is not a hamster. Cuddle this and you will never play guitar again. Basil Fawlty(from Fawlty Towers) Basil Fawlty to Manuel, who has mistakenly bought a pet rat believing it’s a  “Siberian’ hamster. Hilarious scene from “Basil and the Rat” can be found here