Don’t Give Up!

I wanted to share words of hope with those of you who are where I was  a few years ago.

I for one, know that things are not always as straight-forward as they appear to those who have never dealt with narcissistic abuse. I believe the battle is spiritual – a conclusion often reached by others, even in the secular world. I loved the movie ‘War Room’. She mentions how you have to fight your battles on your knees. I know if I do my part, God does the rest.

The Spartan Life Coach mentions our response options are fight, flight or freeze. I have discovered the moments when I freeze because I do not know what to do, are often the most successful. When I stop thinking I have everything covered, I allow God into my life. The moments when I feel  I have gone astray are normally when I have tried to control everything.

Romans 8:31

If God is for us, who can be against us.