If your child can write a sentence, (even if you have to help them a little), they can create a movie with Plotagon. Plotagon app is available on Google Play. Monthly subscriptions start from $1.49. I believe this is Australian dollars. Please check subscription rates for yourself. Whilst I have had a positive experience of […]


My Children Are Home. Help!

Hi Frazzled Parents Everywhere! If your children are currently home I know nothing about medicine but I am an experienced and professionally qualified teacher/educator – I have taught both at home and at school. Please feel free to contact me (either by live chat or the contact form), if you want some free advice or […]

Getting Sneaky About Education

It must be a very worrying time for teachers, parents and students around the world. Teaching is not just a job. Teaching is a passion. For me education has always been the answer to most of the world’s ills. The idea of children unable to attend school, is almost unthinkable. However parents do not despair. […]

Teaching Children at Home -My Experience

Whilst it is true Easter holidays are rapidly approaching, perhaps this is still a good time, to talk about education. Please refer to previous post. Many schools seem to be organising online classes. This is a fantastic initiative. If you are not in the fortunate position of being able to access online classes, I have […]

Teaching Children at Home – My New Series

Confession seems to be the thing for me at the moment. Confession Number One, I had initally thought that coronavirus was just another bug, which would pass in due course. I remember looking at the early hysteria over toilet paper and sitting back comfortable in the knowledge that I had one large pack at home. […]