Take It Away

Everybody has an opinion about the opening up of Melbourne & Victoria but to be frank, unless people are prepared to stand in front of cameras and announce each day how many people have died, I for one would prefer they keep their opinions to themselves. Also to those people who have worked out ways […]


Dr Stephen Parnis is an Emergency Physician in Melbourne(From Twitter): Stephen Parnis (@SParnis) Tweeted: We’re doing it hard at the moment, but at times, the struggle & heartache disappear. A stranger saw something I said recently, & presented it to me. I’m proud to share it, because the message reminds us we’re enduring hardship for […]


The word moron is always poised at the end of my pen, whenever I start to write about our current situation lately, so I am leaving it to somebody rather more eloquent than me on the subject, Mitch Teemley, to write about the topic of masks. I Hate Masks