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Sometimes it feels like I am temporarily possessed by whichever family line I happen to be investigating. Some family lines are thereby harder to investigate than others.

I remember feeling pretty wretched while  investigating the line of my nurse Great Grandmother, I discovered her Grandfather was a career soldier!

I hope in some ways I may bave been able to bring peace and thereby closure to some of these situations and maybe even find a little.e closure of my own.

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I am inclined to become consumed by my research just as in the novel. It is probably the closest I will ever come to time travel.

Old letters (just as in the novel) are particularly thrilling to find!

Watch “Novel Thoughts #2: Clare Bryant on A.S. Byatt’s Possession” – Family History Biographies I wrote to Professor Bryant and asked her about research, Her response is available Here. I am grateful she took the time to respond. Thank you!