Learning From Past Mistakes

My information has been relayed as gossip etc for decades. I have been listening  to Camilla Tominey today who is always respectful. However I believe this is another case of trying to shut somebody down.

Having experienced mass pile-ons al few times myself. my response would be,

“What was he supposed to do?”

His mother was KILLED by media attention. He sees his wife being subjected to the same behaviour and he acts to protect  her.

Watch “Lady Diana – Candle in the wind (Goodbye Englands rose) – Elton John – Lyrics in text” on YouTube

This is a husband’s god-given role.

Watch “Royal wedding: Harry and Meghan exchange vows” on YouTube

The problem is with those who had not insisted the media back off. You especially do not attack a pregnant woman. The stress could have been dangerous for both her and the child.

I mean, criticising her for holding her pregnant belly for goodness sake!

Maybe Prince  Harry’s book is not a literary masterpiece but it is his story and should be respected as such.

If there is one thing I understand it is finding yourself rapidly pregnant a long way from home. among people totally obsessed with your husband. In my case add misogyny to the mix!! FYI Y’all nearly killed me and my daughter. All the people who were suddenly so protective of her at school made me sick. You weren’t interested in protecting her in a life or death situation! You came within a hair’s breadth of killing us both!

Sarcasm Ahead!

Where was the united front when Harry and Meghan needed it? I hope I haven’t taken that remark out of context! He did what he swore in front of the whole world to do. HE PROTECTED HIS WIFE!

Remember This!

People have the memories of Dory from Finding Nemo as far as I’m concerned. To refresh a few memories please visit my page on Princess Diana.

Whilst I am making myself unpopular you may as well know I believe Harry was right to get his wife away from a totally toxic situation!


Charm in a person is not a good sign as I have learned to my cost.

Watch “Meghan Markle on Getting Nostalgic Watching ‘Magic School Bus’ with Archie and Hosting Her Podcast” on YouTube


My Quirky Ancestor who Joined up Accidentally: 2023 Update

Visiting my Grandmother was a lovely experience for me.. I am so glad I spent so much time with her and had listened to her stories.

She had been an attractive and cheeky redhead, whose fiery temperament at the time had led her into a few misadventures(including the time she had left her brother and his friends up a tree, when she had been posted as a lookout, whilst they had helped themselves to apples(scrumping)).

She had led an interesting life and I loved to learn her perspective on the historical periods, through which she had lived.

My Grandmother recalled the horrors of WW1, including having had a. brother who was gassed at the Somme however she could also recount some of her more light-hearted memories from the period.

Recently I was recalling for my children how she had accidentally joined up in WW1. She was looking for work and when she saw an opportunity to gain employment as a waitress, she had taken it.

She later discovered she was actually working for the military. I never learned more about her time as a waitress for the air force of the time. (My Grandfather had been in the Royal Flying Corps) yet she had never mentioned their paths crossing then. I believe Granddad had discovered her working behind the counter in Woolworths.

She had also worked as a waitress during her time there. She used to recount with pride how she had once served The Mr F.W. Woolworth. (Frank Winfield Woolworth).

I also worked at Woolworth’s/ Woollies at one stage.it was my first real job. I was fifteen. I must have met some annoying people but on the whole I enjoyed it,

I was earning an actual wage.

Top Songs of 1978 uK


I remember being terrified when I was asked to keep guard over the expensive items. I had patrolled up and down the aisle like an over zealous policeman.

I see he died in 1919, so my grandmother would have likely been a teenager at the time.

Source: Wikipedia.

I believe he had been over from America. Much to her delight, he had given her a gold sovereign as a tip, which she had secretly stashed away, only to have to give it to her mother – She was one of eight children and every day was a struggle for survival for the family.

It is amazing to me(and also a little scary) the idea that anybody could accidentally find themselves doing military service. Did she sign something?, though I doubt my Grandmother was the only one who found her way into the military this way.

My grandmother came from a family of eight children. They were fun and had a great sense of humour. One of the daughters of my nan’s brothers had used to keep a sign in book for any visitors who used their toilet. You were supposed to leave some small change in a box if I remember correctly. People would leave notes. One of the classics was:

“Sorry false alarm. It was only wind!”

We had a doodleart poster in our toilet in America. To use our toilet you had to be prepared to do some colouring in and sign the poster. We had loads of visitors so it was rapidly being coloured in.

Watch “The Original DoodleArt Posters from PlaSmart” on YouTube

Little Miss Whoops


Countries My Blog Has Reached

There are 195 sovereign states according to the UN. I realise this number can vary as explained in the following article:


One of my aims is to get at least one view from every single one of these countries. I will keep you updated on how I am doing.

This is hopelessly out of date but I can no longer easily check the countries people come from.

So far my blog has reached:

The United States – Welcome

Australia – Welcome

United Kingdom – Welcome

Canada – Welcome

Hong Kong -歡迎

Japan -ようこそ

France -Bienvenue

India -स्वागत हे(I know I have readers who speak Hindi)

Spain -Bienvenido

Phillipines -Maligayang pagdating

Nigeria -Bienvenue

Cambodia -ស្វាគមន៍

Ukraine -Ласкаво просимо


Singapore – 歡迎

Mauritius -Bienvenue

Sweden -Välkommen

China -歡迎

Germany -Herzlich Willkommen
Ireland -Welcome

Bangladesh – স্বাগতম

Greece – καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ

New Zealand – Welcome

Sweden -Välkommen

Holland – Welkom

Pakistan – خوش آمدید

Israel – ברוך הבא

Mexico – Bienvenido

Uganda -Tukusanyukidde/Welcome(I hope I have got this right.)

Kenya -kuwakaribisha

Brazil – bem vinda

Cameroon – Welcome/Bienvenue

Malawi – olandiridwa

Sweden -Välkommen

Croatia – Dobrodošli

Thailand – ยินดีต้อนรับ

Tanzania – kuwakaribisha


& Tobago – Welcome

Oman – أهلا بك

Slovenia – dobrodošli

Romania -Bine ati venit


Switzerland -Bienvenue, Herzlich Wilkommen, Bainvegni, Benvenuto

Netherlands -Welkom

Chile -Bienvenido

Belgium -Welkom/Welkom/Bienvenue

South Africa -Welkom

Somalia -أهلا بك

Finland -Tervetuloa





By my estimation, I have heard from every continent except Antarctica. (I know that plenty of people live there. I had a friend who lived there for three years. His letters which had talked about fur seals and penguins, had made me quite excited about Antarctica.) If any of you do actually live there, please let me know. I would love to hear from you. I do realise different areas are parts of different countries.

Living and working in Antarctica


I have now found and am following the blog of somebody living in Antarctica. (I am unsure whether he is still living there.)


If my friend is anything to go by, he will probably love hearing from people. I remember the time he(my friend) wrote about all the mail getting accidentally dropped in the freezing water and how it had had to be rescued. Thank goodness for email.

Thank you Google Translate.(If I have got any of this wrong-I used Google Translate.)

I thank you all for your support.

I now make that fifty countries-50 to go.

I will be updating this as I go.




The Moment He Broke My Heart

It was the moment he just left without saying goodbye!

Watch “All This Time (Harry/Sally) Dedicated to my 300 SUBS!” on YouTube

Percy Jackson

Lately I have suspected the sheer desperation to keep us apart is because together we are unstoppable!

I know who he is, He still gave that same look he used to give! He us the same annoying but principled person he has always been,

Unlike other controlling individuals I have already got a track record of being prepared to let him (and others)go!

I Remember The First Time I Caught My Ex Out On A Lie




Red Flag No,1 Love Bombing

This is a great series from D. Please watch if you suddenly start having issues!

Watch “Red Flag of a Narcissist #46: Their Actions Don’t Match Up With Their Words” on YouTube

I loved Le Silence de Le Mer. Sometimes even people with whom you profoundly disagree can have higher personal standards than your Allies

I don’t go with siding with countries, I side with principles!

My friend used to be principled

Jordan Peterson is principled, Piers Morgan is principled, Do I always agree? NO but at least you know where they stand,

Learning From My Daughter

My daughter’s boyfriend really got it right. He started He with a simple coffee. He had her giggling almost immediately with his regular texting. He was prepared to do all the simple inexpensive things she enjoys. He talks to her and she always seems to know where she stands with him. I got nervous for her so I have had to take a step back.

Also experience has taught me that mixing with people once they have been around my ex and his family is almost always a bad idea. I will wait till he has sussed them out for himself. I always seem to end up caught in the crossfire!

The Need for More Objectivity

Meghan is probably not perfect but then nobody else is. I find I become immediately suspicious of anybody portrayed as a saint.

I just ask that people try to put a different hat on for a while and maybe for one hour remember the positive qualities of Harry and Meghan and ask Yourself why they would be portrayed in a continually negative light.

They are not even on the payroll any more.Nearly every time there has been a press pile-on in the past. It has turned out to be wrong eventually.

The most notable example here being Lindy Chamberlain.

Now it is Meghan and Amber Heard.

I will say one thing for Piers Morgan, when he has got it wrong in the past he has immediately apologised. This is a rare occurrence among the press.

Meghan and Harry can do absolutely nothing right whist others appear never to do anything wrong. This cannot possibly be accurate!

I can foresee problems ahead with the EU so I am rethinking my stance on Brexit.

All I am saying is please take a deep breath before joining any baying mobs! Should I veer in that direction. Please let me know!「

I am always most suspicious of the saintly figures these days!


A Dire Need for Objective Analysis – Jeffrey Sachs

Learn To Love Your Quirks

Children need to be allowed to show their quirks. That is their very essence!

I still chuckle about the cheeky little so and so with the thorn and the punch up which ensued. I still smile at the girl who never stopped smiling. J still pray fot my Moslem boys. I still love the little boy who broke his arm being a sneezing dinosaur.

I carry you all in my heart and I would still kick your butts if you needed it!

You all taught me at least as much as I taught you. The most magical moment for me was when the girls had complained that the boys were too gentlemanly playing football with them!

If I had the money I would buy every child a tablet filled with books and interesting things to watch and learn from.

A message from the bottom of my heart to all those who have tried to teach me a lesson!


As you can see I am much more mature than I used to be!

I would also still laugh at a child farting/breaking wind in a totally silent class! I like to think I laugh with people not at at them but the silly moos who think they know everything. Well yeah I do laugh at them!


English expression,

“Don’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs!,”

I plan to remain a bad influence always! I am not the person to take to places where you have your behave. Blame my inner Essex Girl!

I haven’t got time to be upset. I am too busy drinking and sleeping around!

If you are going to insist on being a disruptive student, learn to do it properly!

I mean I once terrified a class by threatening to jump off a bridge if they didn’t learn a particular thing. As opposed to nowadays where I was brought close to hurting myself due to the treatment I received!.

Bridge approx 4 foot high about 5 inches of water! Like I said follow me entirely at your own risk!

If you are here to run me down, I am ready for you!


Oh and apparently according to a “friend” fifty percent of my parenting is a failure anyway!

I think that about covers it!

If you don’t mind I am going to get back to smoking my joint and walking round the French countryside half naked! Well Apparently I am a pervert two, to too!


Next time I streak I am going to get it on video, Oh wait…

Maybe I could put it on my Patreon or even better Only Fans!

Let Me Entertain You!

The Real Gypsy Rose Lee

I think I missed gold digger and Witch. Gee I have been busy.

Well I did kiss and marry a toad!