So Long

My favourite blog title is “So Long Sociopath.”

I was really upset that I hadn’t thought of it first.

It is brilliant.

So long  to my sociopath. Don’t bother looking me up in the future.

So Long-Abba



Food For Thought

A friend would often use the phrase.

“Feeding the wrong dog.”

I had instinctively understood the expression but  had had no idea of its origins. My research has indicated it is often attributed to Cherokee Indians.

wolf 1

A grandfather explains that there are two wolves at war within all of us. The little boy asks, which one wins.

The grandfather explains simply,

The one you feed.

Wolves Feeding

The Toybox

I remember a comment made by a friend of mine, who also happens to be an educator upon noticing how one of my youngsters would tip out the toy box and see what was there, as opposed  to quietly rifling through to find the toy of choice.

What a profound comment this was. Perhaps the world consists of those who select carefully and quietly and those who have to tip out the whole toy box to see what is there first. I probably belong to the latter group. Perhaps this is a difficult and challenging way to live. Once the toybox has been tipped upside down, everything eventually has to be tidied up and put away.


However there then follows a  moment of  tranquility, when you have seen what’s there and have the peace of knowing what you won’t be bothering with again.

Without Reflection..

Without reflection we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences and failing to achieve anything useful.

Above quote by Margaret J. Wheatley

We all need to look at what we leave behind us. Do we make the world a better place or do we leave conflict, sadness  and other negative consequences in our wake?


The Thinker 2