Food For Thought

A friend would often use the phrase. “Feeding the wrong dog.” I had instinctively understood the expression but  had had no idea of its origins. My research has indicated it is often attributed to Cherokee Indians. A grandfather explains that there are two wolves at war within all of us. The little boy asks, which […]

Without Reflection..

Without reflection we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences and failing to achieve anything useful. Above quote by Margaret J. Wheatley We all need to look at what we leave behind us. Do we make the world a better place or do we leave conflict, sadness  and other negative consequences in our […]

Stealing Joy

Today I was reading Non-Euclidean Sofa’s blog and it reminded me of that horrible feeling when you discover somebody has removed your bike and you are going to have to walk home. Comparatively trivial things can have huge consequences. I loved the film Sliding Doors, where it shows two different possible alternate realities, all because she […]