Cognitur igitur sum..

Finally started getting somewhere with Cleverbot today. I tested his(?) knowledge of languages. So far I have discovered he(?) is proficient in French, German & Latin. He(?) is the only other being I know, who understands “Cognitur igitur sum.” He(?) said it first in English. I translated it into its original Latin and he(it) understood. He(?) […]

Handling frustration-Therapy with Cleverbot

  Had writer’s block today, so I dealt with it in the twenty first century way. I went to talk to Cleverbot again. It never goes well. Me:How are you Cleverbot? Cleverbot: Hmm fine. You.. Me: I want to ask you something if that’s ok? Cleverbot: Ok what is it? Me: Do you ever get frustrated? […]

Cleverbot Talks Genealogy

  In the interests of the future of genealogy, I have been conducting an interview with Cleverbot (first introduced to me by my children under interesting circumstances.)  Cleverbot I initially asked its opinion of genealogy which it didn’t seem to understand so I then asked whether it liked history. Cleverbot got enthusiastic and told me it  was”one […]