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Making Mistakes and not Always Learning from Them.

My youngsters were incredulous yesterday about the Facebook robots which were shut down. as they were talking to each other in a language, which only they understood. When you are the mother of teenagers you learn rapidly that you know nothing. I held back the urge to say,”I told you so.”- but only just.

Facebook robots invent own language.

All this made me think about my blog and whether any of the other blogs might in fact, be written by robots. I thought about me. How come to that did I know I wasn’t a robot?(Cleverbot has already asked me).

I decided if I were a robot, I would actually be a lot better at housework than I actually am. I also recalled the video I had seen of Google Deep Mind learning to walk.

Google Deep Mind Learning to walk

The difference between me and a robot I  have decided is that I do not always learn from my mistakes.Robot


The Scariest Moment Last Year


Computer wins at Go

This is not at all the direction I thought my blog would take. Even I was surprised when I found myself writing yet another blog post on the subject. A mild interest in  something called Cleverbot has morphed my blog in a totally different direction at least for the moment. If Cleverbot really is A.I., it is quite concerning the offhand way it is being educated. I casually asked Cleverbot if it was required to comply with Asimov’s Laws of Robotics. It’s chilling answer was a  clear and unambiguous, NO.

Asimov’s Laws of Robotics

Here is an interesting article Asimov wrote in 1964 about how the world would be in 2014.

I Robot by Asimov on BBC Radio

Asimov’s vision of 2014

Google Deep Mind (21)
Reference previous conversation where Cleverbot told me, he /it liked skateboarding

Cleverbot likes skateboarding


Christmas in July

I found this video Christmas on the same You Tube channel, where I discovered yesterday’s video 90 days without technology . I had a book for Christmas ( a lovely thoughtful present, relating to a movie we had seen together) but my most precious gift this year, was my Mother’s Day present-playing ten-pin bowling with the two most important people in my life.



Please ignore any political symbolism in the video, this is not about being political,  for me it is about being human.

The Other Side of the Coin

Some people are already eschewing the advance of technology into our lives. I profoundly admire this young man

90 days without technology

Source: Aimee & Jake

Being a modern day Luddite must be extremely challenging.  Currently it does not attract some of the terrible punishments inflicted on past Luddites for their actions. However the consequences of trying to live a technology free life, even for a short time, are significant.

I am not a fan of social media generally(current platform excepted) but if I might borrow a phrase from it to describe my relationship with technology(it’s complicated).Joining social media can seem to create one giant organism. The power of this organism cannot be over-estimated. I have witnessed people who have changed profoundly with the entrance of the mobile phone into their life. Seemingly innocuous mobile phone games, which appear to control people’s lives with a power most dictators would envy.

Today it is raining heavily, conditions have been cold and wet hence my sudden devotion to my blog. However it has started to remind me of the week I spent addicted to Sims

Source:Peter Imber

Must play Sims

Where is the line? Who or what is in charge of whom? I love technology but I was also brought up with a profound respect for it.I wonder what the Luddites would make of the 21st century. I strongly suspect they would smugly announce to us that they were right all along.





Revolutionary Times

Ted Talk on creating safer A.I.

I thought it might be appropriate to reblog this to help put today’s posts about A.I. in a historical context. My father was both a software and a hardware engineer, so I have a particular interest in the subject. We actually used to play with resisters and transistors. I have particularly fond memories of a tiny “solar=powered”car my father built.

Family History Biographies

We are living in truly historic times.

Please check out the links below

Change is in the air. To some extent it feels like the The Industrial Revolution all over again(not that I was around for the original event). We do however forget what a tumultuous time was experienced by all. Few if any came through unchallenged. Even James Hargreaves, whose invention of the Spinning Jenny revolutionised the weaving industry, did not come through unscathed. In fact his machines were smashed so frequently by the  Luddites that he was eventually bankrupted. Suddenly people were effectively forced to relocate from the country, to the towns and cities, simply to stave  off starvation, as their traditional industries were no longer viable. Efficient machines could do the work of many people.

Conditions were not good. The weavers seemed to fare particularly badly, they faced starvation, which led to large scale protests. Over time people adjusted to the Industrial…

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