What Makes a Life?

I love newspaper archives. I have waded enthusiastically in when one of my youngsters had had a project on the Industrial Revolution. When I had studied this turmultuous period at school, I had found it dull, dry and uninteresting. Wading into The British Newspaper Archives had taught me just how wrong I was. Perhaps having […]

Using Original Sources

Dealing with original sources, including documents is great, but has often presented challenges. What an incredible concept! Making original material accessible to all and revealing history from primary sources. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WkIMvZiSIY Making original documents readily available, is an amazing goal.How exciting. must it be to realise you are able to read and transcribe a document which […]

Cutting & Pasting

One of the activities which I find both revealing and enjoyable is cutting and pasting.Frequently one ends up with a mass of material when doing family history research.I found it useful to physically cut out all related material- perhaps about a family a person or an event and physically stick it onto a piece of […]

Using Newspaper Archives

Newspaper archives can be a wealth of information. One of my favourite activities, is to look up addresses in the newspaper archives. I found the British Newspaper Archives fascinating in this way. Putting in my father’s address for example uncovered an advertisement for a housekeeper. Perhaps that might not seem particularly revealing. However the advertisement […]