“Strength does not come from a physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” Gandhi

Acts of civil disobedience are never popular. By definition it almost always involves making a much maligned stand. I remember the film Gandhi. For me the most harrowing scene was the one where the Indians walk calmly towards the salt works while enduring vicious beatings, yet continue silently and courageously on their way.  It needs […]

What Makes a Life?

I love newspaper archives. I have waded enthusiastically in when one of my youngsters had had a project on the Industrial Revolution. When I had studied this turmultuous period at school, I had found it dull, dry and uninteresting. Wading into The British Newspaper Archives had taught me just how wrong I was. Perhaps having […]

Drawing a Line in the Sand

  There are moments in life when something totally different bursts into the light. One of the first such moments for me was Fawlty Towers. We had almost accidentally changed channels when the scary, outlandish Basil Fawlty  had made his first  magical appearance.  Basil was a real groundbreaker at the time, offensive yet irresistable.    […]