The Blessing

Yesterday while watching a crime documentary, (I have always had an interest in crime and what makes criminals tick.) I had suddenly realised I had a clarity of vision, which I had never had before. The pure narcissistic rage which had culminated in this particular, terrible event, was suddenly visible to me. It was like I  […]


Richard Branson You don’t learn  to walk by following rules. You learn by falling over. Through dealing with toxic people I have learned that seeking peace is ironically often  a fight. Watching Bobby Kennedy give his speech I recognised he was actually engaged in a battle. The weapons were truth, humility and courage. My ways […]

“Strength does not come from a physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” Gandhi

Acts of civil disobedience are never popular. By definition it almost always involves making a much maligned stand. I remember the film Gandhi. For me the most harrowing scene was the one where the Indians walk calmly towards the salt works while enduring vicious beatings, yet continue silently and courageously on their way.  It needs […]