Walter Panton(1889-1917)

Dulce et Decorun Est Pro Patria Mori by Wilfred Owen Source:Thomas Trevilla I think this is one of the most powerful works about war ever written. Wilfred Owen’s poem had a huge personal impact on me. Suddenly war was very real, not just something I had viewed on the television. I was reminded of this […]


The Family of James Panton, Town Crier(1805-1849)

As is often the case with genealogical research, the task of researching John Panton born 1804 in Lincoln, has taken many twists and turns.My newspaper archive research, revealed early on that there was a James Panton, who was town crier in the Bail. Initially I had believed that John’s father James Panton(1786-1857) had been the […]

John Panton-His Story

John Panton was born to James Panton (a grocer’s porter born around 1786) in about 1804. He was christened at Saint Mary Magdalane’s Church in Lincoln on March  4th, 1804. John ‘s mother was called Rebecca and she was born in Kealby Lincolnshire in 1775. According to the 1851 census. James Panton died August 16th, […]

A Sum too Small for a Clever Mechanic..

Newspapers describe the theft from Edward Scrivener in great detail. It would seem it was not John Panton’s first such attempt. Mr Scrivener had encountered John Panton leaving with a sack. Upon being questioned Panton told his employer that the sack contained only tallow croak.(I presume tallow croak would be the remnants from making the […]