Happy Thanksgiving

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To all my readers who celebrate Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great day!



Thank You Princess Diana

The death of Princess Diana was one of those moments in time, where most people recall exactly what they were doing, when they heard the news. For me I was gazing happily at my newborn son, in his baby rocker, when a family member burst in with the news, first of her accident and then of her subsequent death. We were all in shock.

For me she had represented all that was good with the world. She had seemed to bring healing and joy wherever she went. The world had suddenly darkened when we had heard the  tragic news. Somehow it had felt like we had all lost our innocence. The beautiful fairytale had now ended with sadness and death. Even my normally sensible father was writing emotionally about the shock and sadness now being experienced in the UK.

I was slightly angered this week to read a sudden rash of negative stories about the princess online. I profoundly admire the dignified way Prince William and Prince Harry have sought to honour their mother and have been deeply annoyed and irritated with those who have tried to muddy the waters. When Princess Diana was here, most of us  had recognised that she was somebody very special. Now is a time to give thanks for her life and the gift she gave all of us, by breaking down barriers and reaching out to people with her genuine humility and compassion.

Bastille Day-July 14th

The chilling description, given to me by my father, of the woman who sat knitting at the guillotine,  (from the novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens) has always stayed with me and given me  an inclination to be wary of the Madame Defarge characters of this world, not just the more obvious villains-the puppeteers rather than the actual puppets.

It is interesting that these memories came to me, so close to the anniversary of The Storming of the Bastille almost two hundred and twenty eight years ago. I may well have a connection with those terrible events. At that particular point in time some of my forefathers were hairdressers in France. A passing comment was made to me by a fellow genealogist concerning the likelihood, that some of the coiffured heads of their clients, would indeed  likely have been removed by the guillotine. Perhaps that is why the story of Madame Defarge appears to have featured so strongly in the family folklore. This has led me to be more aware of the Madame Defarges, who sit quietly knitting at the guillotine, than I might otherwise have been.


World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day-June 1st

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Thursday June 1st is World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day.  This sounds like just another one of those obscure days that people invent as an excuse for a card.

However whether we realise it or not, it is a day which should concern all of us.

I sincerely doubt that there is one person who has never been affected by toxic abuse in their lives. It can happen at home, at work or even during leisure activities.

If you  encounter an issue which you want to clear up with somebody and come away scratching your head, having somehow found yourself apologizing when you had initially believed it was you who had been wronged, there is a strong possibility you have just encountered a toxic person.

Here is what Dr Phil has to say on the subject:


Narcissists exist on a spectrum. Some are relatively harmless and pass through your life without appearing to have had a negative impact, whilst others can turn your whole world upside down, leaving you sick, broke maybe homeless and in some cases suicidal.  All the while they go about their lives unperturbed as if nothing has happened.

In my next few posts, in honour of World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day, I intend to look at narcissistic abuse and its consequences,

Lisa A, Romano is involved in the events for Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day.

Here she offers both information and support for victims of narcissistic abuse:-

For useful insight I recommend the Divorcing a Narcissist Blog. It is both entertaining and informative.


For  further information on World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day click here

Emmeline Pankhurst-February 25th

I was surprised to learn on February 25th, 1913 Emmeline Pankhurst went on trial for bombing the villa of David Lloyd George. (I do not condone her actions by the way.)


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Emily Davison-1913 Derby

I was brought up to respect these women who had fought so bravely for the right to vote and it was a right which my grandmother took extremely seriously, often citing Emily Davison   who had thrown herself under the King’s racehorse to secure this right.

There were mixed feelings even among women about the suffragettes fight.

My own Great Grandmother is quoted as saying basically that she was not keen on women entering parliament and was more keen on the idea of social democracy for all.

Emmeline Pankhurst founded the WSPU(Women’s Social and Political Union) in 1903.The right to vote had already been obtained in British colonies such as Australia(1901) and New Zealand.


The voice of Christabel Pankhurst(1908)