Me saying welcome to my blog

Thank you to all my visitors and subscribers. As you can all see. it’s early days yet but I am gradually feeling more confident. You really are welcome here.

This is such a great community. I am learning a great deal from reading your blogs. Some just make me laugh or smile. The blog My least favorite child today     was one of the first to catch my attention-short and sweet but full of heart and humour.

Alexis, I so identified with your struggles living a long way from home in a different culture,  Alexis Chateau

Jazz the Archivist  You have my dream job! I see it is also yours. I have just worked out you have been doing it for ten months now. Sorry to hear your sad news. It is always hard to lose a loved one.

MakeIt Ultra I got really excited about your self-care plan. Great advice in your blog!

3 Steps to create a self-care plan

J Good     I know nothing about sports but my knowledge is improving dipping into your blog every now and again. I certainly understand David & Goliath struggles.

Pascale’s Healing Journey I feel like I am on the journey with you. Thank you for sharing it with me.

On a similar note one of my favourite posts was on the Divorcing the Narcissist Blog Running after his moving vehicle

The image of  chasing down his vehicle in your flip flops has  somehow stayed with me.



Thanks for the party invitation-my first in a while.. Hope you had a great day!




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