My most loyal friend here was a witch. She was one of the few people prepared to stick her neck out for me. That is a sad indictment  of we, Christians.  She also helped me understand my own faith a little better. When I had met her in  department store she had come rushing up to hug me. She wrote me a beautiful letter for the help I had given her.

I had one loyal friend from a church, She humbly serves breakfast to children and has made an effort to stay in touch. Like me she was being ignored as a social group when we had met. I got told off in writing by the group’s leader for speaking my mind, Well he can consider this my response!


A divorce support group I joined through Meetup is really helping people. I have never seen him let anybody feel excluded and he had helped me by supporting me when I stated I was now largely indifferent to my ex!

If Everyone Cared -Nickelback She took a photo of all of us and gave it to me but I cropped my copy because I was embarrassed about the bruise on my arm. I did something similar with the photo of our son at his sister’s christening. For years I had stuck something over him lying on the ground screaming at his sister’s christening. My pagan friend’s daughter and my son were best friends for a while. He had really liked her. They had great fun together. Her son got up to all sorts. Like my son he had been a handful. I know that means they are smart. She had a huge trampoline. Australia’s Safest Trampoline. I had actually done a trampolining course in my teens. I nearly broke my neck doing a back drop. I looked just like this 😆

Women’s Olympic Trampoline 2000 – 2016

She was suffering because like me she had a mind of her own. Talking with her the song Shiny Happy People took on a whole new meaning. She had bought me a Nickelnack CD. We were meant to be going to a permaculture ralk together but I was told another friend had just had a meltdown (the same one who was always cancelling arrangements with me at the last minute.) This is the Australian way. I believe they suffer from chronic FOMO) and she had to cancel. She is actually originally from the UK. I have finally given up on her after twenty years. I had given her every opportunity to avoid a last-minute cancellation but she had still done it. I was relying on her for emotional support at my friend’s funeral. My daughter was going but I needed adult moral support. In addition to mourning my friend I had known I was walking into a lion’s den.

Some of my dearest friends are gay. I love heavy metal, punk, emo too apparently. I try always to say what I mean and mean what I say. I am completely fed up with self-righteous twaddle.This is not a reference to my fellow bloggers. I hate homophobia with a passion. Btw I believe this is one view my former husband and I still share.

I hate hypocrisy, so of course that is always the first criticism levelled at me.

Pillars of the Earth Trailer I suspect early Christians were more like her than than Bishop Waleran Sigod.

GIFER-My ex had used to figuratively pee on everything to mark his territory.
Our son was really upset about my ex wearing his gardening shoes in particular. He had even bought pink ones to try to discourage him! I put rude words on the soles of mine to attempt to get him to leave them alone. Nothing worked. He just used to wear ehem anyway with a smirk on his face!

kingmaker *the pillars of the earth – tom and ellen*

My father lost his mother and despite coming from a solid church background, he felt his family had received no help. A cousin founded the second biggest church in the world. They also built another church with their bare hands. My family is full of clergymen. My father was a choirboy. I regularly use the ‘f’ bomb. That is about it for now. If I think of anything else I will add it. Oh and if I feel people have been dishonest to me  there is a good chance I will never speak to you again. I am also inclined towards sarcasm on occasions.

I hate racism too. I hope that satisfies people’s curiosity. Oh yes a’hole has become one of my favourite words in recent years.

So if you come to my blog to read sweet, reassuring words, you might be in the wrong place.

“One of my Mum,’s best comments was

“If you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t ask him.”(about my father).

Usually I try to be diplomatic until I am pushed too far, then it is just possible you may discover ‘I am my father’s daughter’ ❤

(Except I never heard him use the f’ bomb.)

If that is not music to your ears, please feel free to move on.

I Am My Father’s Daughter


I love both my parents. They both shared their gifts with me. I am grateful. Both of my parents have a great sense of humour. I try not to take myself too seriously.

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