Bipartisanship (Update)

Bipartisanship Update (November 2023)

“Two heads are better than one.”

Trying to understand the opposition, has been a bit of a theme in my life. Logically in my mind, they could not possibly always be wrong. (Even my ex was right sometimes. Like the time he had warned me about a wet floor. I had eventually ended up slipping over and bruising my coccyx.which was painful for months. Long car journeys were challenging for a while. When my ex had hurt his back, we had encountered a chiropractor in the town and I had suggested he get help. He was an excellent chiropractor but sadly he was also a male chauvinist pig.)

I was reminded of this today, when courtesy of autoplay, I had found myself listening to Joe Biden’s speech at John McCain’s funeral. Like those two good friends, my deepest relationships have often been with people, with whom I profoundly disagree on many topics.

Personally I think our greatest enemy is often apathy, not that we may have differing religious or political views. Usually I am able to find common ground. I mean I once shared a house for several years, with a guy whose political beliefs sent me into a state of shock.

To quote John McEnroe, I would think silently

“You cannot be serious.”

I guess he was, because he had eventually stood for Parliament, proudly espousing those beliefs.

The scary thing about our lack of bipartisanship is not that the other side has a different opinion, it is that sometimes in all probability, THEY ARE RIGHT.

When we swing from one extreme to the other, we often don’t get to hear their valid points because we are too busy getting our buttons pushed.

My admiration goes out to political figures who reach deep into “enemy” territory – so much easier to stay in your own safe bubble.

Yet as we are now discovering, our attempts to stay “safe” where we only get to hear views with which we agree on social media, have led us into a new and paradoxically more dangerous world.

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