Watch “Lizzie fires up at Sam over controversial incident” on YouTube

What gets me is the smirk on his face and him telling her to calm down! I eventually learned to walk away but to this day I feel the effects of the gaslighting!

Sam was such a blatent gaslighter that watching him triggered me and I wanted to reach out to Lizzie.

Watch “Liz wants answers about Sam’s disappearance | MAFS 2019” on YouTube

I recognised the look of shock on her face. I feel producers should have intervened to protect Lizzie. She eventually emerged a shattered wreck.

Watch “Lizzie reveals how Sam’s past comments still haunt her today  | MAFS GRAND REUNION” on

Also witness Sam insist he does not have voicemail. His voicemail is then played to him.

In my humble opinion these characters use “a death as a convenient way to get out of things or get their own way. It doesn’t work on me as I was compelled to entertain on the very day my father died. Dad died December by the following March I was in hospital seriously ill with kidney failure! I also had a baby in that period. No allowances had been made for me whatsoever.


Mike was not much better. He was an enabler.(like many of my  neighbours and the guy over the back fence.)

A backslapper

MAFS Australia 2019 was a great study in gaslighting and its effects.

The media tend to treat  the former President’s gaslighting as a joke when you are effectively  watching people  be hit round the head with a baseball  bat in real time!


Watch “Lizzie reveals how Sam’s past comments still haunt her today  | MAFS GRAND REUNION” on

They eventually caught up with Sam

Watch “We tracked down Sam after his MAFS no-show | A Current Affair” on YouTube

The way he had treated Lizzie made me feel ill. I so remember looking right at stuff and being told I wasn’t seeing what I was seeing. It is horrendous! I started to joke about it with my Mum (Which room’s the back bedroom today Mum?). I also joked about it in similar fashion with my ex.

My ex’s friends were no better. I was actually defended by one of my ex’s bosses when the other boss’s wife had pulled the attack and then play the victim stunt. He had shut down her attempt to humiliate me in seconds! He had called her on it. Mum pulls that particular stunt all the time too!

Conversations with gaslighters are a complete waste of time. I ended up just firing my ex’s own texts back at him.

He would usually just make a joke of it then when confronted with his bullsh#t.

My ex father-in-law was handled that way by his new girlfriend. She would just say,

“Is that more of your bulls#it, father-in-law’s name?”


The Narcissist Is Damaging Your Brain – Caroline Strawson

My brain fog was dreadful following our break up. Writing about it has gradually cleared my brain fog to a point where I am starting to remember the people who matter to me and who I was before the abuse

Writing has helped me find my marbles again after gaslighting!

Watch “Behind the scenes at Essay – Write Better. Think Better.” on YouTube

I am a bit frustrated that I can’t remember my friend beyond when he left without saying goodbye! I only remember the boat trip which I have no idea about when it occurred and I know I reminded someone that I was engaged by pointing to my ring. It makes sense that I would have gone to see him but I really couldn’t say exactly what we said to each other.


I know I waited in vain for letters from him.

Mr Annoying might be annoying but he is not a GASLIGHTER! Gaslight me even once these days and WE ARE DONE!

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