Let Me Paint A Picture of how I Feel About Gaslighters.

I never forget gaslighting. Such incidents can still ignite my fury decades later.


I have been guilty of turning a blind eye to gaslighting in the past. I had known I was being lied to but had not understood how truly terrible this was.

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I hate my ex for the gaslighting far more than for any beating!

This is what he tried to do to my brain!

One incident I particularly remember had involved an in-law I tried to protect from the shenanigans. I watched as she tried to set off a batch of gaslighting against me to try to curry favour and to feel a sense of belonging. On that occasion it had not worked with them. I had never trusted her again after that. I tried to teach my youngsters about gaslighting. I showed them what it would be like if I were to behave that way for about ten minutes. They laughed. I went back through with them every lie I had told and we had discussed their feelings about it. I had hoped it was a lesson that would serve them both well through life but unfortunately I worry that it may not be a lesson which has stuck.

Gaslighting is so insidious and evil, it can get by even the most intelligent of people. I had to write everything down to try to stay sane. It worries me that nowadays very few things are actually recorded in this way. Computer records can easily be changed at will. Fahrenheit 451 clearly demonstrates the perils of a society, where people no longer keep written records. It is a society at the mercy of gaslighters.

Lord please reveal all the gaslighters in this situation. Reveal them to the whole world. Thank you for getting me this far. Please use this to teach the world about gaslighters.


Listen Without Prejusice George Michael

Source; George Michael https://youtube.com/user/georgemichael

Please visit https://familytreeourstory.com/2019/09/09/jazz-the-archivist/ to understand the important work done by those who preserve our records.



“It is easier for heaven and earth to disappear than for the least stroke of the pen to drop out of the law.”

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I hate the gaslight more than being hit. It is unspeakably EVIL!

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