Doin’ What Comes Naturally – Judy Garland

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Doing What Comes Naturally

Watch “Chipmunks : Neurotically Yours ‘Bits’ (Foamy The Squirrel)” on YouTube


I never used to like meat that much, so I would chew it and store it in my cheek like a chipmunk, till I would get the chance to go to the toilet and spit it out. I had no real problem with going vegetarian in Israel. Besides the vegetarian food on the kibbutz was delicious. 😋

Nobody had felt much like eating the chickens they had been up at dawn chasing.

The Fun of Catching Chickens 🐔

My chicken would feed from my hand, so that is how I could catch her relatively easily. I love chickens but we would struggle with worms.

I experimented with using pumpkin seeds at one point.

I probably should have been more persistent.

Watch “How to Do a Pumpkin Seed Parasite Cleanse” on YouTube (on humans”


4 Pumpkin Seed Recipes You Will Want To Eat All Year– Food & Wine.

Pumpkins need a lot of space in which to grow. Please see:

I ❤️ that at the beginning of Narnia anything will grow in the Earth, (even a lamppost, which was planted by Queen Jadis.) I was really rooting for the stick my daughter had planted in the ground. till my son had pulled it up and had told her it wouldn’t grow I was mocked for trying to grow things in our garden too at first. Matthew 17:20)

The Magician’s Nephew (This and The Last Battle are my favourite Narnia books.)

How To Grow A Tree From A Branch – Dan’s ShopSD


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I seem to always be happiest writing about my garden.

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