Daffodills & Butterflies

My Father used to buy my mother daffodils all the time. His favourite poem was also about daffodils:

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud Read by Dame Helen Mirren

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

Source: Poetry Foundation https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/45521/i-wandered-lonely-as-a-cloud

My uncle (who had been in the Japanese Prisoner of War Camp) and my aunt had bought me Louis Untermeyer’s Golden Treasury of Poetry one year.

He wrote in my Autograph Book “Take/I to overlook all the other nonsense in this book.”

Watch “Story Time with Gamon: Poems from The Golden Treasury of Poetry” on YouTube Compiled by Louis Untermeyer.

Watch “UNTERMEYER INTERVIEW – SOUND” on YouTube (1933)

I had absolutely adored it. Unfortunately I was a bit distracted moving to Australia and I had forgotten all about it. It was such a fantastic book as it contained poetry from all over the world. I remember it was where I had first read William Wordsworth’s poem I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud. I also remember a poem by Robert Frost which talked solely about a horse. The Runaway by Robert Frost Read by Ms Hannah

Runaway – Gallagher & Lyle

Source:Brown County Libraryhttps://youtube.com/channel/UCYH_n2-eMMSHDaDYMtNucFA

Dad also liked Abou Ben Adhem. Perhaps he was thinking of the tragedy that had happened during WW2 where upon visiting his home town, he had once pointed out a spot where a solitary man had been blown apart.

Gay still just meant happy in those days.

All of the above poems were in Louis Untermeyer’s Golden Treasury of Poetry- among many many others. It contained plenty of poems written by dead men (and dead women too) I seem too. remember.

Poetry By Dead Men by Sarah Bereilles

Poetry In Motion(With Lyrics by Johnny Tillotson Sourc:e Tryton11

Source: Sarah Bereilles

Love Is Like A Butterfly – Dolly Parton

Watch “Delta Goodrem – Butterfly (Anniversary Edition)” on YouTube

Watch “Metamorphosis Drawings” on YouTube

“Together we belong like daffodils and Butterflies (With Mozart 40)🦋 “Line from the song

A little early but it is almost Spring.

Spring has Sprung!


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