Watch “a thousand years // noah&allie” on YouTube

Watch “a thousand years // noah&allie” on YouTube

Things which really happened between us!


Pause For Musical Interlude

The most accurate is the swan scene.


I do remember asking him what would happen if a car came and him saying,”We die.”

Oh and I do remember our having to run for our lives when a car came. I laughed and he had freaked out! I think I may even have said,

“That was fun.”


I do remember him getting too close to my ice cream and pushing it into his face!

I do remember him saying something similar to.

“That’s your trouble. ‘

You don’t do what you want,”

Pretty sure I asked him why he didn’t write.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Song

This 99.9 percent accurate as our first conversation!

I do remember us dancing in the street. I said we had no music. He had sung and I had called him “a lousy singer.”


One of our earliest conversations was me admitting:

I definitely have strong feelings for you.

He cried. Well I cried too.

He was the love of my life.

He sent me into a loop of disaster which has lasted almost 40 years!

Bananarama – Love In The First Degree (Official Video)

They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Robin Adele Anderson

Watch “Noah & Allie | When we Were Young” on YouTube

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