RESILIENCE November 2023


A Boy Named Sue

My own difficulties have helped me develop resilience too!

I’m Still Standing – Robin Adele Adams

There is not a stunt he hasn’t tried.

I owe my survival to Lily Allen and my god-given sense of humour. I don’t want to sound like an Oscar’s speech but God has held my hand every step of the way. I am p$d off with all those who enabled our suffering. I am asking all of you to make it better for others in the future!


I remember a mother saying she had 5(?) children once and that she didn’t have time to make his sandwiches. So I had suggested she teach him to make his own sandwiches. I spent considerable time teaching these skills to our children.

Make The Ultimate Sandwich With Winton Primary School

I wanted my youngsters to grow up unafraid to challenge and to question me.They will ultimately know much more than me. I challenged them to beat me with their education. My son has two degrees and my daughter went to a top university. I challenge any young readers to do the same. Be better educated and do a better job of running the planet than us.

Sorry things are currently so f#cked for you. Beat us at running the planet. Learn from our mistakes. Anticipate assholes along the way and be prepared!

Many of us were once young and idealistic too!

I like disruptive students!

Remember this from Pay It Forward!


However sometimes you can lead a camel to water but you cannot make it drink!

This reminds me of my marriage, He certainly “had the hump” a lot!



John 7 37-39

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