Netanyahu touts peace with Saudi Arabia, issues ‘nuclear’ threat to Iran…

To my mind this was why Israel was attacked. I have used the actions of toxic people to show me what matters. This peace treaty obviously matters. Ìsrael should redouble its effort to make peace with Saudi Arabia. If terrorists don’t want it, it must be of vital importance!

Saudi Arabia is a stones throw from Israel. It actually looked hauntingly beautiful as I sat and watched the sunrise as I ate my avocado and tomato pita. That is now my lasting image of Saudi Arabia with my Jewish friend I met in Dahab

Miďdle Eastern Music

That breakfast was among ny most romantic experiences ever.

It is my mental happy place. I am transported there every time I eat avocado 🥑!

Speaking for myself it is the simple gestures which usually have the most impact it is my Hamlet cigars moment it was my one relationship with no turmoil!

Still I reckon the fact that so much effort was made to come between me and Mr Brexit, tells me that that is also pivotal.

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