If Ì could warn about only one thing it would be MENINGITIS!

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Nothing will take a child out quicker!


I was actually glad our son had turned out to have pneumonia rather than meningitis.

I wouldn’t muck around if a child is projectile vomiting which can be a sign! I lived on my nerves when our children were little. When our son had started projectile vomiting, I had slept on a put up bed on his floor and had made panicked phonecalls to the hospital! In retrospect we maybe should have called an ambulance that night.

It had turned out to be pneumonia!

I had a single isolated incident of projectile vomiting with my daughter. No temperature. Nothing else. She was fine but generally I would always treat projectile vomiting as a REALLY BAD SIGN!(I am not medically qualified so please check with doctors.)

Signs & Symptoms of Meningitis

It can kill a child in a few hours!

Seeing one little white coffin early on in my teaching career changed me forever. I do not want to see more.

So you can get as angry as you like with me for teaching children that I have known children who have died through issues but I will keep doing it! So I am a silly paranoid mother and teacher!

The Australian “No Worries” attitude drove me up the wall when our children were little!

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