Teaching Children at Home – My New Series

Teaching Children at Home – New Series

Confession seems to be the thing for me at the moment.


Confession Number One, I had initially thought that coronavirus was just another bug, which would pass in due course. I remember looking at the early hysteria


over toilet paper and sitting back comfortable in the knowledge that I had one large pack at home. It had rapidly disappeared.

My new flat is very small, so there has been little room, for building up stocks of anything anyway. Whilst I have been sickened by some of the videos of people panic buying I have seen recently, I probably should have stocked up on a few things, a little earlier.

It looks increasingly likely that many schools may eventually be shut down, (at least for a while) around the world. So I thought I might share a few things, about one matter about which I do know a little. (With the emphasis on a little)


Don’t Get Me Wrong- The Pretenders both my children fully participated in the schooling system – it is just that my asthmatic son was constantly sick. So what with one thing and another, I had found myself at home taking care of him, an awful lot. (I also now suffer from asthma in Spring, triggered by hay fever.

Back way before coronavirus, I used to get mad at people, who sent their children to school, when they knew were clearly unwell. (Yes I have got it wrong too but my emphasis is on the word knowingly. )

Sick People – Foamy The Squirrel November 2023 Update

Interesting that that this is from 2014ish, a few years before 2020 when we were all forced to wear masks and stay home, thanks to coronavirus!


I remember my brother, who is also asthmatic, being much the same. In those days, inhalers had been a bit of a novelty (I recall my brother’s first ones, having cute little propellers at the end) so it must have been terrifying for my parents on occasions. I knew, he had made it through to become a robust young man. I had felt sure my son, would do likewise EVENTUALLY.


Please note I am in no way, medically qualified, I can speak only from the experience within my own family.

Let’s just say, where my son is concerned, I have had to do an awful lot of homeschooling over the years. Both my children are at university now. I am grateful to all the wonderful teachers, who my children have had throughout their school career. (I am also a teacher.) Nonetheless I do feel my efforts supporting his teachers, whilst working with him at home, were productive too.

I thought this might be a good time to share some of the lessons I have learned, from having had to virtually homeschool my son at times.

With the proviso that, I am only human and that I can only speak from my own personal experience.  Every child and every family is different.  What worked for us, may not work in your situation.

Take what is helpful and ignore any information, which you do not find to be useful.

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