An Elf on the Warpath (Now With Foreword by Foamy The Squirrel)

Elf on the Warpath with foreword by Foamy The Squirrel

With foreword by Foamy The Squirrel!

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Counselling for Foamy The Squirrel

I turn into a totally different creature when mistreated or forced to watch the mistreatment of others.

An Army of Elves

Angry Elf

The Elves &The Shoemaker My grandparents would tell us they hoped the elves would come and do the washing up while they were asleep. This had made washing up fun! It occurs to me that many men treat their partners like an army of Elves.

If you don’t want any issues never insist an elf watch you eat fairy bread or subject them to endless male chauvinistic bull#@#t. They have a tendency to become unsettled and extremely expensive because they may wake up and work out they deserve financial compensation.


Domestic Violence In Australia

I am waiting for domestic violence victims to start hitting people in the wallet. I think poor elves are unjustly accused of “dobbing!” Elves are expected to just accept their fate. Elves are not supposed to tell Santa. They are not supposed to dob,

Santa must have had a really tough time writing his list.

Go suck a lemon. 🍋My father”$ fantasy was to suck a lemon in front of a brass band, Apparently this really could cause them difficulties.

🍋 Lemon by U2

The Elf on The Shelf, Night Before Christmas Sing

For a brief window after Luke Batty was murdered it had looked like there might be a radical shift in attitude, Change appears to have stalled.

Australian domestic violence ad | “He did it ’cause he likes you”: Every week one woman is killed in Australia because of domestic violence. The government ad that should … Facebook · Guardian Australia 20 Apr 2016

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