Watch “Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy (Official Video)” on YouTube (1984)

Bronski Beat was the first band I recall following Tom Robinson’s gay anthem, to be openly gay.

Watch “Tom Robinson Band – Glad To Be Gay (Manchester 1977)” on YouTube

From that same year (1984) there was also Frankie Goes To Hollywood, another gay band singing Relax, which had been banned all over the shop, after Mike Reid made a fuss about it. It had shot to number one.

Sadly by 1986/87Aids had begun to run amok around the world.

Aids sufferers were terribly stigmatised. The film Philadelphia(1993) had helped to change people’s perspectives. I remember watching it and learning about AIDS. However the moment which had really changed the lives of AIDS patients was when Princess Diana touched AIDS patients.


In the middle of all this my trollop of a housemate was sleeping with anything with a pulse.

I wasn’t worried about my gay housemate. I was more concerned what she might be bringing into the house.

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