Courage Takes Many Forms

Courage Takes Many Forms

The first Australian who popped into my head when I was thinking of courage is John Howard. There are many Australians alive today who probably would not be, were it not for his courage after Port Arthur!

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I like people with genuine convictions even if I do not always agree with them.

I mean I have learned plenty of stuff from my right wing friends.

I marvel at Liz Cheney in America.

My friend and I both had the same vision I think for a better world, just a different way of going about it. He stood for parliament. I talked about King Ant with a group of children. The gist of the book is the ant had got a really hard time because he was weird and different but eventually he had discovered he was King Ant.

Watching his speech I was proud to have known him. He was humble in defeat. It had contrasted so vividly with the woman in the British National Party.

I really think I must have gone back to see him before my wedding.

John Howard was also humble in defeat. You take these things for granted till you see somebody ready to destroy his homeland rather than admit he lost!

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