A Dose of Your Own Medicine?


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A Dose of Your Own Medicine

If you don’t like what you are getting back from me, better look closely at what you are giving out.

I think I must have always been like this.

The teenage years are one big game of, ‘Let’s outwit Mum.”

Most of the time I am ok.with it but every now and again my dark teenager comes out to play too. My son recognised it today. As soon as I had started to mirror his behaviour back to him. He got off the phone…

I am still recovering from his recent bout of nonsense so my tolerance level is at an all time low.


Foamy The Squirrel is playing the same role as Obama’s anger translatorfor me at the moment. I realise it is not cool to continually use the word “moron” I am old enough to know I shouldn’t say it but not old enough to stop thinking it.

Stupid – Foamy The Squirrel

Christina Aguilera – Fighter (Official HD Video)


Now as long as I don’t use the term dumbass apparently that gets you a week’s ban on Reddit. Good job I am not on Reddit.

Now all I have to do is hack people’s blogs and try to get them accused of being a pervert.

Seriously What Is Wrong With You People?

Ì mean we may as well be dead as let ourselves be turned into totally submissive morons.

Just Chill Out with me.

If you don’t like your boundaries being pushed, don’t push mine!

It’s not what we say but what we do which teaches people.

Oh what I was just what is the male term for pushing people’s buttons but it’s all fun and games.

Ah yes I remember it’s called being a larrikin! 😆


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