I Am Tired of People’s Bull 💩

I Am Tired of People’s 💩

I have an almost patholological hatred of bull 💩. I keep a check on myself all the time. I self-monitor a lot. I study my own behaviour and try to learn from my mistakes.

I study history the same way. gaslighting offends me on every level!

I used to just shrug my shoulders but after two decades of cruelty and lies, lie to me or about me, you virtually cease to exist to me! Believe lies about me and itbecomes like I never knew you.

If I feel I have got something wrong, I usually try to say sorry and make amends in some way. I am not in the least bit sorry for telling people who have betrayed me that I no longer want them in my life!


Pause For Musical Interlude

Pretty sure my poor aunty was gaslit to b#ggery!

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