When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Perhaps I am naive but I believe men and women should be friends. My daughter loves the friendship between men and women on Stranger Things. Talking to her made me feel quite nostalgic. I genuinely enjoy male company. When did men and women stop being friends? Was there a peak time for men and women getting along. My daughter believes things are better now but I am not so sure.

Friends was a lovely show. There was so much genuine warmth between the characters. They helped each other understand the opposite sex. There were some genuine moments of real kindness. Ross fixing up a bike for Phoebe was really touching.


I consider it quite important for students to be able to live away from home. I think that my youngsters missed out on a lot of special times, getting to know people by having to live with them. Friends and family back home could not understand why my youngsters were still living with me.

We used to have so much fun riding around. I feel part of college is growing up, which can be hard when financial and other constraints force you to live at home. We were able to live in a hall of residence for our first year. This had really helped me adapt and meet people.

OK you got me I have an over-developed sense of fun. Always have had-Always will have, Fun, Fun, Fun -The Beach Boys

I thought Chanel did some fun shows:

Chanel Spring – Summer 2014 Ready-To-Wear Show

Chanel Spring ‘Summer 2015 Haute Couture Show

My daughter has said several times she misses my handbag – obsessed stage. Perhaps that was what a former flatmate meant when he said I would end up an “…old bag on the shelf.” That’s OK as long as it’s Chanel.

I seriously wish I had bought myself a Chanel handbag in my twenties on my first wages that I could have kept all my life and eventually passed on to my daughter. Jewellery means very little to me. I have to be sentimental about a piece for it to matter. For years I kept a Planet Hollywood broach, I had bought on my first date with my ex. I like earrings and bracelets. Ì usually prefer silver to gold. I hate flashy.

Sourçe: Sophie Shohet

I have kept the necklaces etc my children made me, so I could remember the precious time when they still thought I was wonderful. I knew they would grow out of that, as ķids do.

The Push-bike Song https://youtu.be/3LZ9TGOGt04

I am a hazard behind the wheel. I think cycle tracks are great. I don’t remember why I was walking back from college that day rather  than riding.  I still don’t understand  what I said that made him want to continue the conversation we had started at my door. In fact I was quite taken aback when he had cycled up to me.

I realise now he must have been practising 15 minutes of courage. We had two things in common. Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a love of The Beatles.

Got To Get You Into My Life

He had made an impression but things had kind of gone down like

I can’t remember where he moved to. I guess I had lacked the confidence to visit him at the time. I would probably still lack the nerve to just pop round. I had not seen anything untoward about him moving out after a year but I was quite upset. I think I played Cruel Summer rather a lot. We must have hurt each other. 💔

I had thought he was my lobster. 🦞

Harry and Sally || Make Up Your Mind

I know money makes life easier but it also makes things complicated. I saw how unhappy my aunt was with all her material comforts. My happiest times with my ex were going round looking for  second-hand furniture etc for our home. I am still working on minimalism but it kind of went out of the windows with three of us in a studio apartment. Minimalism for Poor People I was so much happier with very little around me but at the moment I am still dealing with my youngsters things. My son in particular is terribly sentimental  and will not let me get rid of things. I feel my youngsters lost enough already, so I understood. My son was devastated when his father moved away. I was relieved but I was really sad for my youngsters. Every time he came back down I knew there would be issues. My son would be unsettled again for ages. I stopped him ringing the flat because he would snipe at me and deliberately cause trouble. It took me ages to get his complaining voice out of my head and I never want it back in there again.

It is the strangest thing that the annoying one turned up in a house we were looking to rent. He just looked so pleased with himself! Just how long has he been part of my life?I should never have made the mistake of looking him up again ònline and showing my youngsters. My son was rather taken with him.

I do not believe in co-incidences. One of life’s mysteries I guess. Looking back they were good times. Our room had red and gold wallpaper and a picture rail. It was built around 1870 from memory. The boys had only a flimsy division between their rooms, not a proper wall.

We had to walk through the lounge and kitchen to get to the shower which made for some embarrassing introductions.

Got To Get You Into My Life (Isn’t that kind of like stalking?)

The annoying one had felt like coming home. We both liked to joke around and act daft, He dissolved my road blocks with humour,

Watch “Eric Clapton – Lay Down Sally (Studio Version)” on YouTube

Bullying used to make me dig my heels in


My father-in-law had stopped being so bossy with my ex too. The minute they got back together again trouble started. Within weeks my ex had hit me.

Here Comes The Sun – Sheryl Crow & The University of Aberdeen Choir


“Persuasion is better than force.”

The Persuaders – Theme Song

The Persuaders TV Series

Just One Look – Linda Ronstadt I really don’t mind being alone. I longed to be alone for so many years, I appreciate it now. I never realised I still loved  the annoying one till you started this nonsense. Ìn fact I hadn’t even realised that for me at least, it was love at the time. Like I said I process things 🐌 slowly. Nobody gets my humour like he does. Nobody knew quite how to get under my skin, the way he does.He nearly had to have a box of Tofeefi surgically removed.  He hurt me so much. I switched him off. See INFJ door slam. Now I think I may have made it back one last time. I completely adore him. I am pretty certain now I did see him before my wedding. He may have even asked me to come back the next day. What is the American connection?

We only ever held hands and danced btw. None of the other stuff from the Notebook happened.

It is so hard to lose a friend. I never even got to say goodbye. Oh well I guess C’est La Vie. I used to know a few Irish dancing steps myself. (I used to practice all the time.) I came to the conclusion he had done it all on purpose. Just like with the curry and that he had a cruel streak. Ì guess that fits. He is a politician after all.Then there is that song.  The phrase”I guess I was wrong.” is not that impressiive after  his behaviour on our one and only date.


I really hope he wasn’t the reason I got an empathy lecture from Mr Twice-Divorced.my brother, You know the whole “People in glasshouses should not throw stones.”thing. In fact that could apply equally well to either of them,

Sorry but I am still processing exactly who has been spilling the tea.

It would seem I can grieve for over thirty years. He couldn’t even last one date!


That song was a hit from six years after the last time Ì saw him. I am just done with men. I haven’t seen him since July 1987.

The partition between the rooms something my best friend had complained about profusely when she had moved in. She had said,”I can hear him turning the pages of his book. (Mr Earl Grey Tea) There is a proper wall now. I am struggling to remember whose room she took now. Had The annoying one moved out sooner? Oh well! Maybe it just felt like he was always around.

My former room-mate had seemed irritated that he hadn’t changed. I realise now I am just relieved, I am glad if he is out there just being himself. I adore him, always have done and probably always will!


I have remembered now he did move out and I have a feeling it may have been my fault! Well at least I hasn’t brought guys home and bathed with them under his nose!



We are very different from each other. My best female  is still everything to me. While we were in New Zealand Beaches had come on the TV. It felt in many ways like it was telling our story. I hope not as, it is just too sad. We kept ourselves entertained  while backpacking by chucking toilet rolls into each other’s cubicles. My knickers went missing from the line in Broome. (I needed to buy more.) I now realise how creepy that was.

Everywhere in Australia was just too hot for me at the time.Canberra had been particularly hot. For me and my friend the biggest nightmare was Coober Pedy. Everywhere else was relatively easy after that. At the time  I had loved Noosa, until we had stayed with the in-laws and they had started nonsense, as usual. They had seemed desperate to get our children to themselves!

I have lost all desire to go to Queensland since then. It didn’t help that I got prickly heat too.

I really enjoyed Albany. It l is beautiful there and it was also miles from any relatives. The climate is reasonable too.I felt I needed to mark exclusion zones on a map where we could holiday in peace and my ex was out of range of parties and funerals. No holiday was complete without him being compelled to attend some funeral or another.

What took the biscuit for me was the Father’s Day he had been made to visit his grandma’s grave. I  think they made their visits on other days eventually. Their days were sacrosanct. Ours not so much.  Now this might sound bad but my own Dad died Christmas Day. What would people have done, if I had insisted on making Christmas Days about him all the time? I know my Dad had no time for that sort of thing. I silently think about him Christmas Day and he might crop up in a conversation  but that’s all. The digital frame my ex bought me was brilliant for the family. I made sure I put everyone’s photos in that. He loved it too. I think it made him feel connected. It was the fact that he was compelled to do these things which got me. Things between my ex and I had seemed relatively settled until his older sister had started to pile pressure on him to organise a birthday party. He came back from the party in a rage and found an excuse to whack me, which is why she has gone in the “too hard” basket with the rest of the family. I had eventually realised she was not as innocent as she first appeared- A wolf in sheep’s clothing. She has also clearly used guilt to manipulate my son.

My ex father in law was a different person when he had left the family.  He had seemed more content and happy to help out. I had always loved him and I stuck up for him when the family turned on him. I told my neice off for talking negatively about him. I had talked my ex around, as he had totally turned on his father and I put together all the family photos, so he had copies. I had no problem visiting him and his new partner most of the time. I usually preferred her to my mother-in-law.

You’re My Best Friend by Queen

The minister for Albany was a controversial figure but I remember  Albany appeared well looked after.

Wilson Tuckey Gets Kicked Out of The House.

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