Custody Battles with Toxic People Are The Worst

Judges need to keep a sword handy and pray for the wisdom of Solomon!

I wouldn’t mind if I knew the children had not been manipulated and had been allowed to make their own decision!

I am supposed to be forever more in some kind of warped custody battle. I have done my job so as far as I am concerned now they can all just get on with it. I am treating it as a spectator sport these days. I have done my best to equip our youngsters now it is on them. I would be testing both parents in custody  cases with the word, “NO!” Toxic people can’t handle NO!

I mean I have literally wandered deserts alone. In fact I have been worse than alone. Alone & victimised.. These days I consider it a privilege to be alone. It is parental alienation now I still deal with but to be honest I can’t be arsed.  Zombify my son if you like.


I am kinda picturing it like this.

He made his own decisions. I tried to warn him but…  He knows exactly where I stand. He seems to be like his mother in that he needs to learn things the hard way. He left here wound up(not unusual when he mixes with the in-laws) but with a fully functioning brain. He already obviously believes he is a qualified electrician! That might be a bit of Dad coming out in him. I can’t wait for him to try and take the back off somebody’s TV.  Lol!

I did say I had a warped sense of humour!

It is amazing how often  people get what they think they want then no longer  want it, Take  King Saul for  example,Israel had begged for a king but were then none-too-happy with the king they got.

My friend was always reminding me,

“Be careful what you wish for.”

I am currently peopled out!

It all boils down to the fact that when I was being regularly beaten up almost no b#gger cared. I consider almost every day I am not being assaulted a good day!

Friends were in short supply.

So now why would I need people in my life? It is all too late. My own mother and brother sided with my ex. That is standard in these cases, I hope they will all be very happy together! At least for the five minutes before they turn on each other, which is what happened five minutes after I left the UK.


After mum sided with my brother and I had needed to move in with my Nan when he had tried to bully me into signing cheques, I knew I wasn’t going to get much support there. To be honest I am surprised the pair of them sided with me as long as they did.

I have been sounding out people and to say the least it has been disappointing but not surprising. To  be honest I anticipated being old and alone. I would much rather be old and alone than deal with more of the crap.

Besides they are still trying to zombify me. 😆 At least I won’t get too bored. Watching the process intensify if I write something which touches a nerve is quite good fun!

I picture them like this:


Doctor Doctor – Thompson Twins

They will get RSI soon. They surely must be weakened after all that concrete they lugged around.

The day I am prepared to sit back and watch concrete be piled in somebody’s skip or people’s possessions being removed from their homes, you will know I am definitely unhinged!

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