The Evil Stench of Control

The Evil Stench of Control

For a woman one of the most intimate things we do, is to smell a guys clothes. I notice it comes up in The Notebook and in Le Silence de la Mer.

I remember feeling attracted to a guy in the college library, simply because I could smell him.

When my ex tried to change my perfume at one stage, I was furious. Especially since he had tried to stop me wearing my favourite perfume when we had first met. I later heard that the children had been set up had selected the perfume for me. My mum and one of my friends both wear Opium. They have recently interfered with two of my favourite perfumes. This is yet another control mechanism in my view! If it works, I am happy for them. He is so much more than a smell for me!

They Can’t Take That Away from Me – Robyn Adele Anderson

Sheldon & Amy’s Date Night Personally I spent most of my time trying not to turn into my ex’s mother but whatever rocks your boat! If I have to cut up a guys sausages into little squares to keep him interested, I would rather not thanks.

With me nobody can match his ability to handle me. I recognised his reticent smile in the video online.

Never ever try to tell a woman what perfume she should wear. It may well damage your relationship.

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