C’est La Vie- Finally Putting Things Together

Another housemate had spent one Summer in a Peruvian village, during the extremely dangerous time when Shining Path was active. She got up to all sorts of things during the time I knew her. She had become extremely ill in India having contracted a serious contagious disease. She was put in quarantine in the UK for a while. She wholesale plagiarised her final dissertation She wrote the whole paper in less than 25 hours. Inside The Mind of a Master Procrastinater I showed this to my youngsters as they were heading into their final school exams. I understand her kind much better these days.


She had got herself into all sorts of hot water. Still she had tried to conserve water!

One of our lecturers was making regular house calls at one point. Nobody could accuse him of moving at a snail’s pace.

What Is N.S.U?

Another regular visitor to that particular house we had used to refer to as Father Christmas,

My brother and I had learned how to make Dougal the Dog out of a washing up liquid bottle and some orange wool on Blue Peter. Australian washing up liquid ads were so sexist that even my mother had commented on them.

I ♥ RUBBER GLOVES My former flatmate did once say he was a nice guy.


I cooked the meals so my ex husband would do the dishes with the children. Actually I had missed doing the washing up together. That was when we had used to chat. I read somewhere that guys chat best when they are doing something but washing up had stopped being fun together. He just pulled holes in me the whole time.

I do understand some men have delicate skin so this is not always possible. My brother was a mechanic. He used to use barrier cream all the time.

Maybe the task needs to be manned up a bit to protect delicate skin. Perhaps give them a toy boat to play with.


Toy boats make good company in the bath as do rubber duckies.

Although a former flatmate of mine had used to refer to one of his flatmates at another house as “rubber gloves” due to his penchant for Marigolds. I must admit I had been secretly envisioning something out of Fifty Shades of Grey. Personally I think guys look sexy in rubber gloves. I had never given “Rubber Gloves” the person a second thought till now. We had never met.Why do I suddenly have an urge to discover more about him? Don”t tell me that was him too! Talk about stalking.  Only one guy gets away with stalking me,

Idiot!! I am allowed to call him an idiot if he was stalking me,


Giant Dougal

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Hole in the Ground – Bernard Cribbins (My brother and I spent years trying to dig through to Australia.)

When Harry Met Sally


El Condor Pasa – Simon & Garfunkel

Who can forget Paddington Bear was also from deepest, darkest Peru?We were read Paddington Bear at school.I also used to love the TV series.1975-1980 Paddington Bear- The Complete TV Series

Marmalade Sandwiches Your Majesty?I have never loved our amazing Queen more.

I still cannot believe she is gone.

Source: Wikipedia.

My Friend The Tax Lady

I was good friends with the girl whose room I had moved into. She had once led me into a scary part of London to catch up with an ex boyfriend of hers. I have been alone on The West Bank. I still don’t think I was as nervous as I had been that day. The whole experience was quite taxing.

I’m The Taxman – The Beatles

The Flatmate Who Has Invited Me To Stay

One of my other flatmates very kindly said I could borrow his music any time I liked. He has still invited me to visit him, which I fully intend to do. One of his favourite songs was Sweet Love by Anita Baker. He is gay but I always fancied just living with him for a drama-free life. Living with him was peaceful. I stayed with him and his partner in Toronto. He has invited me to visit him in the UK only recently. He has never said why he left Canada 🇨🇦. He means the world 🌎 to me, although he told me he would never visit me here in Australia. I used to help push start the mini(a car) of the other guy in the house in the snow.

I got mad at them all for doing nothing when our pipes froze. I had contacted a plumber. I now realise there was not much anybody could do. They just showered in the Student Union. I can’t remember what I did.


Please research Harold Wilson and Edward Heath for yourself

My most disastrous date ever had ended with the man, I had believed was my date, canoodling with another girl in front of the stage at a concert and then my being treated to him having multiple baths with her in the house under my nose. I ‘m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair – Mitzie Gaynor (Mother of Larry Hagman/ J.R. Ewing from Dallas)

I don’t think I ever properly spoke to either of them again. I had left the concert alone and caught a taxi home.

Never  Ever

I had known him for years.We had shared a house for two (?)years. I had met him in my first year at college. He would fairly regularly turn up drunk to see me in the middle of the night when we were no longer sharing a house. It was such a sad way to end our friendship. I might joke about it but even now I get to a point where I can’t joke any more.

Another Nail Through My Heart – Squeeze

I only ever changed my style for one man and he never even noticed!


He did everything in plain sight. He neither lied nor sneaked around behind my back!

Much worse than anything else was the fact he had left without saying goodbye!

Separate Lives – Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin

Source: Phil Collins


In the end though after a massive dose narcissistic abuse,I just need somebody who has the decency to say goodbye properly and not leave me chasing around trying to find them or sending a curt text message after twenty years of marriage, telling me, “Everything has been said!”

The last real communication between us was my playing Rat in My Kitchen, and him grinning sheepishly. Neither of us had realised back then that we would never see each other again and that it would take over twenty years for me to even drop a line.

Things We Said Today

Every Time You Go Away

Look mate I might love you but I am practical.

I would not have anticiopated ending up pining like a flippin’ puppy. That is probably my inner Sheldon,

I was in a bit of a hurry to leave the past behind! I know what it’s like ro chase rabbits, I almost wish I had never succeeded in catching her! Unfortunately rabbits do not respond to being called for!

“Tax not so bad a voice to slander music any more than once,^

From much Ado About Nothing

I was trying to find a suitable clip from When Harry Met Sally. Truth is nobody who cares would ever have been so publicly callous to a friend. Friendship is a precious thing. This was one occasion when

Watch “Eric Clapton – Lay Down Sally (Studio Version)” on YouTube

I couldn’t just be bought off with a box of chocolate!Ì just assumed that was who he was and that be was unlikely to change, His move was designed to hurt and humiliate me.

(UB40 is named after a form used to claim unemployment benefit in the UK. The band had met while unemployed in Britain. Unemployed had hit new highs under Margaret Thatcher. As many as one person in ten was unemployed at one point.)

One in Ten – UB40

In recent years I have shown my youngsters a video of him. They were impressed with his manners I think. All around him were losing it and he was being gracious at the time. I never knew him to lose it all the time we had shared a house but he had loved his drink. I now appreciate that I had never once seen him aggressive in all the years I knew him, despite the drink. He was always an affable drunk. Even I am surprised how well I remember him. I guess he must have left his mark. In recent years the party to which he belongs has effectively ended a dream of mine. This makes the fact that he once tricked me into eating vindaloo, pale in comparison. Opposites Attract – Paula Abdul

We were only ever friends but elements of this scene Ally & Noah Fight (From The Notebook)remind me, especially:”That’s what we do. We argue.”We were always OK with agreeing to disagree until that infamous date. I do not have rugs any more. I do not believe in sweeping things under them. It just causes bigger problems later. Something you just need to clear the air.

I Am The One and Only- Chesney Hawkes

The Notebook Trailer

You Can Call Me Al by Shugah Boogah

Nowadays we needed a version here in Australia for a while called there is No RAT in The Kitchen. Fortunately supply issues have settled down now.

Amusing version of Rat In The Kitchen by UB40 Source: Jordan Gingold

I think everybody has their ‘One That Got Away Story‘. Mine went on to be a public figure. I had always hated his politics. That was how we has met in the first place. He had been going door- to- door trying to get votes for some party or other. He had annoyed me from the very beginning.

C’est La Vie-Robbie Nevil


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These days all I want is somebody who can be bothered to say,”Goodbye!”

Consider this my “Goodbye.” narcissists!

To any I have doorslammed. You had no interest in anything I had to say any way.

I am sitting here drying out my wings again having had to retreat once more to my cocoon.


It is like a flippin’ production line!

Dial an ignorant bogan!

I have decided “if you can”t beat ’em. Join ’em.”

I mean if you do it right, being an ignorant, racist, thievin’ bogan, might be fun…

I should probably have warned them that I seem to have CIA. Mafia , MI5, Mob and KGB, Mossad and PLO connections even I did not know about…

Oh and of course never forget most worrying of all. I slept 😴 with a Republican!


Too Right I Am Angry About The Concrete

I might need bigger muscles to lug concrete around if I am going to become a complete racist, sexist bully!

Mind you the amazing Balinese women used to be able to carry breeze blocks on their heads!

I Don’t Care Any More

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