Learning About Dating from My Daughter & Foamy The Squirrel

Watch “No One Asks Me Out Anymore : Foamy The Squirrel” on YouTube

My daughter’s boyfriend really got it right. She had been a little surprised. She had got to know him through online lectures. He started by inviting her for a simple coffee. He had her giggling almost immediately with his regular texting. He was prepared to do all the simple inexpensive things she enjoys. He talks to her and she always seems to know where she stands with him. I got nervous for her, so I have had to take a step back as I do not want to get in their way. My daughter is happy and confident. Currently that is all I need to know.

Unfortunately experience has taught me that mixing with people once they have been around my ex and his family is almost always a bad idea. I will wait till he has sussed them out for himself as I always seem to end up caught in the crossfire!

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