Learn To Love Your Quirks


Children need to be allowed to show their quirks. That is their very essence!

I still chuckle about the cheeky little so and so who put the thorn under another boy’sbackside in assembly and the punch up which ensued.

Pause For Musical Interlude

I still smile at the girl who never stopped smiling. I still pray for my Moslem boys. I still love the little boy who broke his arm being a sneezing dinosaur.

I carry you all in my heart and I would still kick your butts if you needed it!

You all taught me at least as much as I taught you. The most magical moment for me was when the girls had complained that the boys were too gentlemanly playing football with them!

If I had the money I would buy every child a tablet filled with books and interesting things to watch and learn from.

A message from the bottom of my heart to all those who have tried to teach me a lesson!


As you can see I am much more mature than I used to be!

I would also still laugh at a child farting/breaking wind in a totally silent class! I like to think I laugh with people not at at them but the silly moos who think they know everything. Well yeah I do laugh at them!


English expression,

“Don’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs!,”

I plan to remain a bad influence always! I am not the person to take to places where you have to behave. I will m always find a way to do something naughty. – my inner Essex Girl!

I haven’t got time to be upset. I am too busy drinking and sleeping around!

If you are going to insist on being a disruptive student, learn to do it properly!

I mean I once terrified a class by threatening to jump off a bridge if they didn’t learn a particular thing. As opposed to nowadays where I was brought close to hurting myself due to the treatment I received!.

Bridge approx 4 foot high about 5 inches of water! Like I said follow me entirely at your own risk!

If you are here to run me down, I am ready for you!


Oh and apparently according to a “friend” fifty percent of my parenting is a failure anyway!

I was terrified my son would not be able to be his own person. He is making his own choices now, even if they are unfortunately unhelpful.

My brother smashed up countless cars, had countless girlfriends, drank heavily etc etc. He was actually a better person when he still had a sense of fun! He was at his best when he was still opening beer cans at the back of church! Call me childish but I love naughty. I didn’t mind collecting my drunken son from the station in the middle of the night. I had expected that kind of thing. I don’t think I knew a young lad growing up who didn’t get in those kinds of scrapes! I my think even my Dad had admitted to a few drunken capers!

My brother stole traffic cones which we had in the garden for years! He was at his best ‘helping ‘ dad knock a hole in the wall. The whole house shook… I love guys in fact just about anybody who makes me laugh!

I have been determined never to lose my sense of humour.

I think that about covers it!

If you don’t mind I am going to get back to smoking my joint and walking round the French countryside half naked! Well Apparently I am a pervert two, to too!


Next time I streak I am going to get it on video, Oh wait…

Maybe I could put it on my Patreon or even better Only Fans!

Let Me Entertain You!

The Real Gypsy Rose Lee

I think I missed gold digger and Witch. Gee I have been busy.

Well I did kiss and marry a toad!

You sit there looking for ways to trip me up legally and take my home. Know this I will become your worst nightmare! You lily-livered cowardly pricks, I have mopped up my own blood before and I am quite prepared to do it again, You want to explode my brains everywhere, Well thanks to my prick of an ex husband there is not much left anyway!

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