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I am my priority after you lot nearly killed me and gave me virtual kidney failure.

Not one person stood by me in uospital as I literally lay dying, so confused I had to surrender my baby daughter in hospital. You bastards just about killed me!



Do you know what kidney failure is like. 

When your potassium levels are all over the place.  Your cruelty is unreal, Couldn’t even make a woman who had just lost a baby a sandwich, She was crying all night.

The best nurse was a male nurse. He told me to give myself permission not to cope for a day. The first time think anybody has ever done that. I do not want my daughter to grow up thinking she has no right to a soft place to fall.

He was my soft place to fall and I wasn’t even allowed to say goodbye without fucking drama.

You have ruined my wedding nearly every birthday and you still expect me to care and try to lay guilt trips on me.

I went on my own to court knowing full well the dangerous mood he was in. I had to watch my best friend  die of cancer. I saw her nearly every day. I still remember the gunk in her tubes at the end!

I had a doctor write words like “she claims when my dying  friend took me to report my abuse and you still haven’t finished with your bullshit. You think I  care,about guns.threats or Nazis now. Other than taking at least one of you down with me, like Winston Churchill told his wife. Clementine! Right now to  quote my Dad again, i wouldn’t cross the,road to spit on you if you were on fire!

It was too much trouble to call me. I don’t owe any of you anything!

My house was robbed while you all watched apparently! The most decent behaviour towards me has mainly been done by men. My neighbour gave up his .playstation! My son had literally hugged the playstation he had saved for himself all the way home. I have indergone literal interrogations under a spotlight courtesy of my husband’s friend.  You think that the KGB or rhe CiA bothers me

I have  continually had to stave off the threat of being locked away as a crazy woman and you think I care about death threats…

This place is one big crazy house.

Watch for sarcasm!