pull the rug out from under someone

pull the rug out from under someone

I learned to do this trick with the tablecloth years ago. I stopped hearing from another friend this Christmas but I am so used to it, I don’t really care any more!


Once you have joined in with the rabble you are dead to me anyway!

Piers Morgan is pretty consistent even though I don’t often agree with him. Jordan Peterson is much less consistent. I like his early stuff best when he spoke from his heart not his head. I usually speak from the heart gets me in all manner of trouble but …

I go through stages as I recover from abuse but then I really hope I have never claimed to be an expert.

I have PTSD so it is a problem at times. I was expected to be rigid for two decades. Now I just go with how I feel whilst I heal!

As my friend used to say.

“Take what is useful(advice not my property)and throw the rest away.”


When I had to put my children back together (especially my son asshole) you killed any feelings I ever had for you.


Disclaimer Reminder

Oh and I forgot men are the only ones who work. Shame nobody was man enough to speak to me or protect me and the children!

The man who gave me the toilet paper and the man who stood up for me in the bus queue. They are my heroes!

Not https://familytreeourstory.com/2023/08/16/disclaimer-reminder/who need to assemble a posse!

You want to impress me I have been threatened and mistreated that many times, I really don’t care!

Tell somebody who cares!