I have become uncomfortable with the direction the EU is headed since writing this. Mr Farage may yet prove to be right about the EU but watch this space! Still as my daughter reminds me.

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

What has been the fruit of Nigel Farage

Watch “Tonnes of seasonal food grown in British fields left to rot”

I accept this is not entirely his fault but he is easily the single biggest contributor to the issue. He should be out their picking asparagus etc in my view, which is what Churchill and I hope my friend is doing likewise!

In my view Farage should be picking fruit and vegetables rather than starting a new campaign against the banks. If he cares so deeply about the British people, he should be helping to feed them!

Why Is The UK Facing Food Shortages & þHigh Prices?

In my humble opinion a government which cannot meet a country’s most fundamental needs (food & shelter) has failed

What Lessons Can History Teach Us About Famine?

The Great Chinese Famine

Ethiopian Famine Thity Years On – BBC

This Is How Scientists Solved The Mystery of The Irish Famine

15 Strategies For Overcoming Food Shortages

8 Ways To Overcome A Food Shortage



“A stitch in time, saves nine.”


As I remember it Joseph prevented famine in Egypt by advocating food be stored during the seven years of plenty, ready for the seven years of famine!

Prepare Like Joseph, A Pastor’s Advice on Preparing For A Food Crisis

Thorn in The Side

Anybody else see Irony in the fact that his company is called “Thorn in the Side.”

The traditionally left-leaning Mirror newspaper has shown interest in Thorn in the Side in the past.

When I complained to my Mum about Brexit:

“Don’t blame me. I think they are all bloody idiots!”


My mum has a way of cutting straight to the heart of the matter!

According to Wion News Brexit has cost UK consumers 7 billion.


It won’t be long before somebody says

“Let them eat cake!“(See The Great Jaffa Cake Debate)


See Also:



If living with a narcissist doesn’t drive you bananas then nothing will!

It doesn’t take much to wipe out a crop. Australia’s supply of bananas was wiped out by Cyclone Yasi.

Why Cavendish bananas may go my extinct.


From memory banana production was too centralised in Coffs Harbour and largely restricted to one type of banana.(Cavendish bananas). I notice Lady’s Fingers bananas in the shops these days. They are more expensive but I buy them occasionally.


Extremely Cold-hardy banana

How To Grow Hardy Banana In The UK

Musa Bajoo(How To Grow A Banana Tree At Home In Any Climate)

Musa Bajoo Taste Test

You can apparently eat the Musa Bajoo plant too.

Musa Bajoo Bananas

All these gifs are created from the above videos.

Please note I know absolutely nothing about growing bananas but the way I see it, at the very least you get an attractive, shady plant and some tasty leaves with which to cook.


Harvesting Banana Leaves For Cooking

Doctor Explains Why Banana Leaves Make Great Plates

My favourite joke was the person who said,

I’m so old I don’t even buy green bananas.I feel like I am getting there now too.


I had used to scream the place down as a small child when Mum washed my hair, till the day we had visitors and mum had warned them what was going to happen when she washed my hair. I never did it again. I guess I made my ex’s rages seem boring in the end too!


They want power. Mind you when he handled things without going off, I made a special effort to notice but he was more exhausting than both children combined.

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