Let’s At Least Try To Be Fair

Let’s At Least Try To Be Fair

Wion OK European Divisions on Ukraine War

To my surprise I generally find Piers Morgan sensible, fair and responsible these days!

He does have his obvious biases, like his ongoing issues with Meghan Markle. I always think it is wrong to attack young mothers especially when they are pregnant and living overseas but then that is my bias. I do know this type of behaviour nearly killed me and my children.

The minute a station launches into personal attacks against Meghan and Harry, I generally lose interest!

Is it not enough that we contributed to the death of his mother without taking out his wife and children as well!

I also think the treatment meted out to me and my children here in Australia was disgusting! I don’t even care who was behind it.

I watched the way a group of Aussie women mistreated a French waiter when we were in France. I think that waiter who told them to “Shut up” in FrenchAustralian woman to French had really had enough of them too.From my perspective they are generally the most two-faced, spiteful bitches I have ever come across in my life.

No it is not always the most guilty person who gets it when we finally explode but if somebody exploded at me like that, I hope I would have the sense to ask what was wrong and whether I could help…

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