Especially when I am wearing a bin bag. I think my science teacher was the first guy to ever call me attractive. I was wearing a bin bag at the time.

He had told me not to just stand there looking attractive. He told me to pull some pints. I never forgot it. I have had a soft spot for my bin bag outfit ever since!

I only wore my bin bag as a skirt. I was much shyer then.

I hadn’t been rugby tackled by any Aussie guys in those days.

He was another one who had never spoken to me till I found myself prostrate on the ground.

FFS guys have a go at asking a girl out for a coffee. Rugby tackles kind of not in vogue these days! I mean can asking a girl for a coffee really be harder than doing this?


Honestly it is a relief to be old and ugly now. Guys have got me chased by bullocks, riding up and down escalators,moving out of my home and hiding down the side of houses, hidng in the office rather than visit cottage cheese. My gran once climbed out the back of a factory window.

Oh yeseven creepier IhVe had my underwear stolen.

There has to be a better way!